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All-round support for Kevin

When Kevin Lunn, from Barnsley, first joined The Growth Company’s Restart Scheme in September 2021, he had received the terrible news that he had cancer.

This news was delivered to him on the day of his initial induction meeting. This was Kevin’s main barrier to work. Kevin was supported immediately. To allow Kevin privacy, he and his Restart Scheme Employment Advisor Mark went to a quiet space, as he was understandably upset. Kevin wanted to continue with the appointment.

The initial action plan contained details of how Kevin could access the Employment Support Hub and utilise the wellbeing area of this. They also discussed men’s health charities for Kevin to access for support.

During his journey, Kevin was offered a break from the Restart Scheme, given his circumstances, but each time he wanted to continue. Kevin and Mark have been in regular contact ever since, even if it is just for a general chat over a phone call to ensure Kevin had the support he needed at that time. Mark tried to keep the focus on the future with Kevin throughout this, always talking about future employment opportunities and when he got better.

They used the time whilst Kevin was waiting for support from the hospital to develop his CV, ready for employment in the future. Kevin and Mark worked together to build a new CV, utilising the tools available within the employment support hub, including the CV builder and CV360.

Kevin, 42, had previously worked in security roles, production and cleaning. They determined his key skills and attributes to include within his new CV, discussed Kevin’s personal statement, and how he wanted his statement to come across to potential employers. Once his new and improved CV had been developed, it was shared with Kevin ready to be used in applications. Kevin has now secured a security role.

Kevin called Mark recently with the news that he had undergone surgery to successfully remove the cancer, and that he would not need to have further treatment. Kevin is still attending hospital for the next two years; however, it is a huge relief initially for Kevin that he can get back to some normality.

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