Gail finds a new role after 29 years of unemployment 


For more than two years, the Restart Scheme has been empowering thousands of people to overcome their barriers and find sustainable employment.   

After being unemployed for more than 29 years whilst she cared for her family as a stay-at-home mother, Gail Caddick was keen to return to work and wanted to try her hand at retail. However, she was apprehensive about meeting new people and learning new skills after being unemployed for so long.   Gail with her Employment Adviser

In March 2023, Gail was introduced to our partners, Reed in Partnership, who are delivering the scheme in Chesterfield on our behalf. She met with her Employment Advisor, Nathan Poulton, who began by developing a tailored support plan to help her return to work.   

From their first meeting, Nathan was there every step of the way to support Gail. Initially, Gail wanted a retail role in her local area, but was unsuccessful due to a lack of qualifications. To support her goal, Nathan helped her obtain a qualification in retail and values from our Community Partnership Network member, Digital College.  

He also encouraged her to attend employability development sessions, helped her to create a new CV, developed her IT skills, and supported her with the job search and applications – all whilst providing her with mental health and wellbeing support. Gradually, Nathan’s encouragement helped Gail to build resilience and overcome her fears.   

As her confidence grew, Gail became more open to roles in other sectors – realising that she had an interest in care. Using the transferable skills she had learned throughout her time on the scheme, she successfully applied for a position in a local care home.   

Following just seven months of support, Gail’s outlook transformed as she put her nerves behind her and began to flourish in her new job as a care assistant.   

Reflecting on her journey, Gail said: “I needed a big push and being on the Restart Scheme helped me to get where I am now. I’ve learnt so much that’s been worthwhile to me.”  

Speaking of his pride, Nathan commented: “Gail has gone from being a really nervous and anxious person and progressed into someone who glows and is very excited at being in work. She’s exceeded all expectations and through her hard work and positive attitude has got back to work much quicker than she was expecting to. Well done.”  

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