Back on track

Restart Scheme gives Gary the confidence to move forward

Gary Macfarlane from Huddersfield has praised the Restart Scheme after its interventions “changed his life” and helped him to secure a new job.

When Gary, 51, joined the Restart Scheme in January 2022, he had been unemployed for two and a half years.

Gary joined the scheme with previous work history spanning a variety of sectors. He had previously worked as a welder, a milk delivery man, a committee member in a local liberal club, and a fast-food takeaway manager.

Gary was struggling with his mental health, in particular anxiety and stress. He also needed help improving his CV and with job searching.

Gary’s regular Restart Scheme appointments gave Gary structure and routine, helping him to remain committed to returning to work and getting back on track.

Gary was referred to several interventions designed to rebuild his confidence, and Employment Advisor, Daniel Kermani helped Gary to refresh his outdated CV, and apply for jobs online.

His confidence soon began to grow, and his mental health improved significantly. Thanks to his new up-to-date CV, Gary was soon approached by a recruitment agency about a role that he knew would be perfect for him.

Gary visited the employer to discuss the role in further detail and was offered a new job as an Assembler.

Before beginning his new role, Gary needed new work clothes and a cordless drill. Once again, the Restart Scheme stepped in, and Daniel presented him with work trousers, boots and the cordless drill he needed to carry out the job.

Since joining the team in August 2022, Gary has been thoroughly enjoying his role, and recently passed his probationary period with flying colours.

Speaking of his experience on the Restart Scheme, Gary said: “It has been great! The Restart Scheme helped me to get what I needed. The CV updates literally changed my life. I have been on a few of the schemes out there, but none of them were like this. I am buzzing with my new role – I am loving the job.”

Daniel, Gary’s Restart Scheme Employment Advisor at Maximus in Huddersfield, said: “It was a pleasure to assist Gary with his new job. He had all the desirable skills any future employer would want. We worked on how we structured his CV, and I helped to ensure that Gary remained optimistic and never lost sight of the end goal.”

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