Moving forward with motivation

Giorgina moves forward with motivation

When Giorgina joined the Restart Scheme in Barking in January, she was finding it extremely difficult to job search, look after her children and study for her degree all at the same time.

She had been struggling to find work during the pandemic, and also had concerns around childcare arrangements should she return to work.

When Giorgina met with her Employment Advisor Kyle, he supported her by putting her forward for a session with a Maximus Employability Coach, who shared childcare options so she knew she could potentially get support if needed. Giorgina was also supported with a housing issue, which has now been resolved.

After being unemployed for three years, Giorgina was successful in securing a role as a Support Worker. She started her new job in May, and her flexible working arrangements means she is able to arrange childcare. The Restart Scheme also supported Giorgina with her travel costs, which helped her financially as she settled into the new role.

Giorgina said: “I feel like I was greatly motivated and supported by Kyle – with his support, and through Universal Credit, I was able to get housing. Then I was also able to look for work as well. My kids kept me motivated throughout because I want to be able to provide for them.

“I’m grateful for people like Kyle, always encouraging and cheering me when I got the job. I’m grateful for all the support and help I’ve received, it motivated me when I was at my lowest.”

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