Overcoming obstacles

Mohammed overcomes his fears with help from the Restart Scheme

For many who have experienced job loss, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get back out there and look for new employment.

This was the case for Mohammed Razwan, 31, from BradfordHe lost his job as a PPI data collector at a bank in June 2019, and it severely damaged his confidence.

When Mohammed was referred to the Restart Scheme in September 2021, he confided in his Employment Advisor Zain that since losing his previous job he had lost all motivation to find another role.

He also felt that he struggled during interviews which proved to be another barrier to him applying for jobs.

Zain took this on board and set to work on an action plan to not only prepare Mohammed for returning to the world of work – but to give him the confidence boost he so needed.

To help Mohammed to overcome his interview anxiety, Zain referred Mohammed to group sessions for interview preparation, as well as providing him with one-to-one tailored sessions during face-to-face meetings.

Zain continually supported Mohammed to work on boosting his confidence during their regular meetings.

Zain and Account Manager Umer worked together to map out Mohammed’s return to employment. Mohammed possessed a specialised license which allowed him to look for roles in the security industry.

Mohammed said: “Before being on the Scheme I hadn’t worked or sat an interview since June 2019, my confidence was low and I didn’t believe I could gain a job. My advisor has provided me with support getting me to believe in myself again. He helped me put together a clear path towards going back into full time work.”

Thanks to this clear path and all-round Restart Scheme support that Mohammed clinched a new job as a security officer. He started his new role in December.  

Mohammed concluded: “I was very impressed with the support given to me by my advisor Zain, he has helped me overcome my fears of going back into work and sitting interviews. I feel more confident within my abilities since joining the Restart Scheme, as my advisor has helped me to the best of his abilities, and I am thankful for the guidance he has given me. I am lucky to have had an advisor such as Zain who has helped me achieve my goal of going back into employment.”

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